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 Explore the extensive coverage and recognition our brand and products have received through editorial features in reputable news outlets. Delve into the articles and reviews to gain insights into how our Liquid Masque has captivated the attention of beauty experts and journalists alike.

This New 3-In-1 Face Mist Serves As Toner, Moisturiser, & Mask, Helps Busy Ladies Save Time On Skincare

One of the greatest skin sins one can commit is to skip out on certain skincare steps. But with hectic schedules...

L'Officiel's Beauty Awards 2021: Best Hydrating Essence

Skincare reduced to a single step. This collagen super peptide facial spray is one to consider for individuals who value their time.

By Philocali, A Singapore's Homegrown Beauty Brand, Innovates with A Hassle-Free Skin Care Solution

It introduces the highly-anticipated 'holy grail of beauty' to simplify the complex steps of skincare.

Tried and Tested: Facial Masks – the ones we like to wear!

With more sophisticated ingredients and formulations than ever before, facial masks (the beauty ones!) can help to combat signs of skin ageing and fatigue...

Splurge For Yourself & Celebrate On Singapore’s National Day!

Do you know what day it is? That’s right! It’s National Day! Today – the 9th of August is the day we celebrate our independence...

3 New Singaporean Skincare Brands To Check Out This Week

If you’re a fan of supporting local and homegrown brands, here are 3 under the radar Singaporean skincare brands to check out...

Tried and Tested: We tried popular skincare products for men’s skincare!

A man’s skincare routine is often praised for being short and simple. With these skincare reviews, we share with you effective men’s skincare products and face creams for men that save time, but still, show results!

Beauty Insider Awards 2023: Best Skincare Award (Best Face Mist, Best Innovative Brand 2023)  

Why This Product is A Winner:

Liquid Masque By Philocali has become an essential part of my skincare routine! 

26 Best Beauty Products In Singapore That Are Essential In Every Girl’s Routine

Have you ever found yourself unconsciously scrolling through Instagram just to find the next trendiest beauty products in Singapore?

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