By Philocali

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Really love ByPhilocali, as I love the way when I woke up, my skin feel so bouncy /radiance.. it's been 2-3weeks and I can really see the difference.. my face is more radiance/ pores is smaller. I am a super lazy person, now always work from home, so what I do I wash my face, put some face serum and sprays ByPhilocali (4sprays) and the whole day my face feels so good.. I so blessed to get to know this product.. Previously, I always try on new products as my face is sensitive and dry. Some other products which I have tried gave me very bad outbreaks.. but Byphilocali just make wonders to my face, really love it

- Maddy . C -

At first i was skeptical but when i used it for the first time, i was amazed by the effect of it. My skin feels tighter and less oily, especially during this covid period when i need to keep wearing mask.

Love this product because i am a very lazy person & this one product can replaced my toner, moisturizer, serum! One spray & i m ready to go! Save so much of my time! Totally recommended!!!

- Dawn Chew -

Best product ever! Save time and leaves a Matt feeling on the face for more than 12 hrs. As a full time working mom, this is ESSENTIAL! I’m no longer using other products because I can get all the good stuff on my face in just a second.

- Charmaine . C -

What I really love about this product, is that I do not need to wash off after using, it’s non-sticky and it saves me a lot of time! I’m replacing my skincare product with this Liquid Masque

- Cheryl . L -

being a guy im not very into skincare but i must say liquid masque its really impressive. it helps my acne and control my oily face very well. used once in morning and night, sometimes in the afternoon. convenience its def a plus point for me.

- J.Ng -